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What is the LULOP2?

LULOP2 is a "Internet news gathering" platform, i.e. an integrated platform meant to perform -in an open publishing environment- the logistic and transaction stages of "news gathering" in the specific meaning that the broadcast news industry gives to the term (see ENG, SNG etc etc).

LULOP2 therefore is made bearing in mind the typical task of moving over the Internet large digital video files in compressed formats, handling server-side post-processing of such video files, allowing its web publishing with appropriate meta data and equally appropriate delivery methods, and finally enabling an Internet marketplace built around the concepts of automatic trading and dynamic pricing.

Currently we have developed the authentication and publishing core of the platform and we have been developing the FFmpeg module for Mpeg processing, the RSS module for real time notification, the Bittorrent module for effective distribution.


Discussions of new features, bugs and other community related, are done in forums.
If you are having difficulties while installing/using/any, the discussion is to be done here.


LULOP2 is released under GPL v2 (General Public License version 2), which means mainly that if you make modifications, you must provide the source code to them.
Note that the origin (LULOP2) must be mentioned. While violating these condititions, bare in mind that we do have two nice layer friends of ours....


Available in A4 sized PDF. Only the newest are available for download.

lulop2_backcover.pdf97 KiBTue, 15 Mar 2005 04:27:12 +0000
lulop2_developer.pdf352 KiBMon, 27 Jun 2005 12:55:43 +0000
lulop2_frontcover.pdf23 KiBWed, 27 Apr 2005 16:10:46 +0000
lulop2_guidelines.pdf65 KiBWed, 27 Apr 2005 16:10:54 +0000
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File packages

Version numbering goes as MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH. As now you are on the LULOP2 homepage, the MAJOR version is 2.
The basic intent is that MAJOR versions are incompatible, large-scale upgrades of the API and everything else add it. MINOR versions retain code compatibility with older minor versions, and changes in the PATCH level are perfectly compatible, forwards and backwards.
In any case, it is recommended that you upgrade always the PATCH level when new one is released.

CVS and test versions are released as YEAR-MONTH-DAY. Use these only for testing purposes.

  LULOP2 file releases are located at

Change log

Changes from 2.0beta6 to 2.0beta7:
- All configuration now in one file as it was always supposed to be. Using PHP::Include for it
- BitTorrent updated to 4.1.2
- Log view improvements
- Channel access via cname
- Menu is constructed from array which can be set in l2_menu.php

Changes from 2.0beta5 to 2.0beta6:
- BitTorrent updated to 4.1.0
- FLVtool2 updated to 0.14
- Aspect ratio value for content_video
- Global query limit as session variable
- Paging for pages with many rows to get from database

Changes from 2.0beta4 to 2.0beta5:
- Flash video player
- Flash encoding done via PHP command line script which is runned from cron
- Flash file info is not anymore written to the database, the space is now for the forthcoming mpeg4
- Introduced "public fields" also to profiles
- RSS 2.0 module called TMM was upgraded
- Added country feed for RSS
- Many clean ups for print_input usage
- Induvidual statuses for the files, for better controlling the automated encoding prosesses
- Settings for file ownerships
- Muxenc list for brqaudio and brqvideo which also runned from cron
- GetID3 updated to 1.7.4
- Rearrange of the video publishing array
- Spoiler text for the still images added, optionally enable/disable and choose position from config.

Changes from 2.0beta3 to 2.0beta4:
- Check for existing filenumbers in the title so they will not be overwritten
- More fixations on the area of file adding to the title
- After hitting 20 MB memory usage, replaced all the mysql_result() with mysql_fetch_row
- Updated mymovie.xml and mymovie.ini specifications and their implementations
- Logging of uploads via ftp now available
- Publish all files in the current directory while using ftp upload of mymovie files
- Memory usage is by average now 990 KB, should be less
- GetID3 updated to 1.7.3

Changes from 2.0beta2 to 2.0beta3:
- Country and locking info moved to profiles
- Added pages fr admin to manage locking in profiles
- Torrent creation for publisher, torrent browsing for clients

Changes from 2.0beta1 to 2.0beta2:
- Fixed to bugs which prevented to add files to a title if the user has less than 10 files existing
- Added initial timestamp column to the l2_log_session table
- Changed l2_log_rss20 for better readibility of dedicated feeds
- Moved all log viewing to l2_logs.php

Changes from 2.0alpha4 to 2.0beta1:
- Optionally enable or disable automatic publishing via FTP (functionality not implemented yet)
- Installation creates all the folder required for the beginning usage
- Upload logging into the database finally implemented via Net::MySQL
- Choosing Pricetype now available
- NOTE: Beta releases are not fully compactible with alpha releases due many improvements in the database
- Category managment and browsing fully implemeted
- PHP file modulation for faster rendering
- Rearranged publishing for easier to use

Changes from 2.0alpha3 to 2.0alpha4 ("not yet beta" -release for teasing Lorenzo):
- Removed the usage of ffmpeg-php extension because frame could not be never fetch with it
- Preview and still images are now made with shell commands to ffmpeg
- Added currency to the configuration
- Every address with some amp has & in it to be Xhtml 1.0 compliant
- Separated style sheets for base and color
- Some spell checking made to the comments for them to be US English
- Also some minor and/or major security enhancements

Changes from 2.0alpha2 to 2.0alpha3:
- Better configuration for BitTorrent client
- Function print_input also created select fields
- Cleaned directory listing functions
- Fixed all dates to be formatted according to the viewing language
- Install folder renaming after successful installation

Changes from 2.0alpha1 to 2.0alpha2:
- Server status information for developer user
- Help DB table reorganizing
- Options for installation script to create XBT tracker tables
- Flash previews created if selected from config
- Maximum frame count for preview video encoding from config
- Some minor fixes and enhancements

TODO list

- New user registration made by admin: Check for already existing username
- A tool for creating Style sheets for personalized channels
- VideoLAN Server configuration page (after it compiles successfuly first)
- Help page to use same style sheet as the main page
- Fix all the output to be Xhtml 1.0 strict compliant
- View user: show titles from current channel and/or current country if otherwise blocked
- Search page: check user privileges and show titles matching keywords
- Torrents: Add availability to all users and limit available titles according to the privileges
- Each listing should have ordering by selected column, ascending or descending
- Every file handeling function should have check for double dot usage
- Virus checking
- Fix english translation and start to get other languages in
- Get more info of the user when session is registered for the first time
- "use strict" in the upload script
- Buttons to "check all / check none" checkboxes in certain listings
- Check filenames and usernames for other characters than [a-zA-Z0-9_.-] and replace them with _
- File system browsers for admin
- Maximum letter amount check for all the text fields, done with javascript
- Test against permission to view channel used in the request address (cname)

Contact information

For development questions and suggestions:
 Jukka Paasonen

For customer support, special offers etc:
 Lorenzo Manes
 lorenzo (at) lulop (dot) com


Q: Who is the dog in the logo?
A: An Italian stallion, Lapo. It works in the Operational Headquarters of Synchronicity PBS, in Travaco, Pavia, Italy. It strays about 3 or 4 times a month. If you happen to been within 30 km radius from Pavia and see a dog looking like the logo, please call in Italy 0382 (Pavia) 492961 (office).

Q: How stable is the development code?
A: Near as possible the stable one, but might sometimes result "notice" level errors and sometimes unmatched SQL queries.

Q: How is this project related to Tsuka?
A: Althought both projects involve the same person, Jukka Paasonen, they are based on their own code base, thus developed separately.

Q: Is there a way to add things on my own to the platform?
A: Yes, look at the developer documentation, specially the section called "modules".

Q: How do I use the BitTorrent integration?
A: Setup an Torrent tracker, the one you most prefer. Then enable the use of torrents in the configuration and set the correct announce url.

Q: Which image formats are supported for the thumbnail still image of the video?
A: Same as in PHP: jpeg, gif, png and some others. It is also possible make the still straight from the video itself, thought FFmpeg.

Q: I noticed the similarity of the upload progress bar with Megaupload from How come?
A: Well noticed. Indeed it was the source where our upload progress was originated, but there is many changes and improvements for our system, so therefore it is now quote different from Megaupload.

Q: I tried to use different session.save_handler than "files" but my upload is not working anymore. Why?
A: The clue between sessions in PHP -> Perl, is to use file based session handling. Therefore you cannot currently use any other than "files". Although using "mm" would be the fastest way. If the Perl module PHP::Session will be someday updated, then we will see.

Q: I have installed XXX FTP daemon on my server. Does LULOP2 work with it?
A: If it has support for authentication via MySQL and virtual users. We use PureFTPd for that.

Q: I would like to use GetID3 version 2 while now this project uses GetID3 v1.7.3, can I?
A: Of course. Just make sure that you change the settings in l2_config.php and you have PHP version 5.

Q: Why LULOP2?
A: After 4 years of trading video over the old lulop, we had an idea of what could be an effective hub for video trading in terms of users authentication, video uploads, content access, effective notification and push.

Q: Does it have RSS?
A: Sure, just needs to be enabled from the configuration. It also has "The Market Maker" extension with all info for real-time licensing of your videos.

Q: I hate downloading a 750 megs .avi file only to know if its "The Matrix Reloaded" rip or 3 minutes of useless DV footage, does LULOP2 help?
A: Yes LULOP2 is able to read tags attached to video and audio files so you know screen size, data rate, audio sample rate without having to take the file onto your desktop

Q: But I prefer FTP so I don't need LULOP2
A: Wrong, LULOP2 is also an FTP site which lets you upload to folders which you can then manage via browser

Q: I manage multiple FTP accounts for my contributors and it drives me crazy
A: LULOP2 lets you manage all accounts via browser, no need to remind all passwords or check all folders for updates

Q: I want to select who has access to my videos
A: LULOP2 lets you specify different degree of publication and also discriminate between different users through channels

Q: I am afraid of wasting bandwidth when I publish broadcast videos, does LULOP2 help
A: Yes, it has a BitTorrent integration and RSS of BitTorrent for effective content push and bandwidth savings

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